Semi-PRO 2™ or Mini-Mite 3™

Choosing Between the Semi-PRO 2™ or Mini-Mite 3™?

If you’re on the hunt for a new turbine spray system, the Semi-PRO 2™ and the Mini-Mite 3™ models are likely on your radar. But what sets these two turbines apart?

Turbine units are primarily distinguished by the number of stages or fans they have. More stages would mean more air pressure to work with.

A 2-stage air source has plenty of power for clear finishes. However, if you plan to spray a lot of paint, tinted lacquers, and thick coatings, opt for a 3-stage or larger unit for efficiency.

2 stage: Semi-PRO 2™
Semi Pro 2 spraying a clear finish

Clear finishes like lacquer and shellac, being thinner, are no challenge for a 2-stage sprayer. In fact, a Semi-PRO 2™ will provide enough air pressure, that you may need to dial back the in-line air valve.

Compared to a brushed or wipe-on finish, a sprayed finish wins every time. That’s not to say people can’t create great-looking hand finishes, they just demand more labor. For instance, hand-applied finishes typically need 5-7 coats for adequate protection. Compared to a sprayed coating achieving the same thickness in just 2 coats.

This not only saves time but also lets you batch out more projects in the shop.

Semi Pro 2 Turbine

The compact Semi-PRO 2™ offers portability, making it perfect for on-site contractors. It features a sturdy carrying handle and a convenient gun hook for your favourite HVLP spray gun.

Assembling the unit is a breeze as well. Simply attach the air hose to the threaded connection and plug in the power source. With a flip of the switch, you’re ready to achieve professional results.

Replacing the filters on the Semi PRO 2 Turbine

The Semi-PRO 2™ also has dual filters that keep the air clean and extend the turbine’s service life.

The best part is that you can wash and reuse the filters, reducing your operation costs. To clean them, just rinse them in warm, soapy water periodically. The filters are accessed completely tool-free, and just slip into the filter bay with a friction fit. Having the filters so easy to access means you’ll be more likely to clean them as recommended.

Fuji M-Model Bottom Feed Gravity Gun

The Semi-PRO 2™ turbine often comes with the M-Model™ spray gun.

This competent sprayer features fan control and a fluid knob at the rear of the gun body for easy adjustments. Its stay-cool handle ensures a comfortable grip, even during long spraying sessions. The handle is also solvent-resistant, so you can clean it at the end of the day without worry.


The M-Model is available in:


Choose the bottom feed version for larger jobs, or the gravity feed version if you plan to spray in confined spaces like cabinets.

If you like the best of both worlds, you can get the gravity cup conversion kit to switch between the two setups as needed.

M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun

The gravity feed version stands out because the fluid coupler is at the bottom of the spray gun. A metal U-tube connects the 400cc aluminum cup to the fluid coupler, allowing you to switch between bottom feed and gravity feed modes seamlessly with the optional cup kit.

Almost all Fuji HVLP spray guns are pressure-assisted by way of a pressure tube and check valve attached to the cup. This design maintains constant positive pressure for uninterrupted spraying.

Close up of handle of the M-Model bottom feed spray gun.

Unlike the T-Series™ spray guns, the M-Model uses the same gun body for both cup types. That’s what allows for such an easy conversion between the bottom feed to the gravity feed with the optional cup kit. In either version, you’ll want to get familiar with the blue fan control knob, and the silver fluid control knob at the rear of the gun.

It’s important to remember:

that turning the silver fluid control knob counterclockwise increases the fluid output.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but it’s a common feature in most HVLP spray guns. Think of it this way, backing out the knob allows more range of movement at the trigger, and therefore more fluid output.

3 Stage: Mini-Mite 3™
Mini-Mite 3 Turbine

Now, onto the Mini-Mite 3™—what’s the buzz?

It offers varying air pressure outputs to match your spraying needs. The Mini-Mite lineup allows you to choose from a 3, 4, or 5-stage turbine. Noise-reducing covers act as mufflers, eliminating direct sound paths from the turbine. All this is packaged in an ultra-portable unit that’s ready to go just about anywhere.

The sweet spot just might be the Mini-Mite 3™, which generates 6.5psi. Compared to the Semi-PRO 2™’s 5.0psi, might not initially seem like a substantial difference.

However, consider the flagship Fuji Q5, which has a maximum output of 9.5psi. At 6.5psi, the Mini-Mite 3™ excels not only in spraying thick coatings like paint and tinted lacquers but does so efficiently.

M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun with different air cap sets

Mini-Mite turbine typically comes with one of three options:

  • T70 (bottom feed spray gun)
  • T75G (gravity feed spray gun)
  • G-XPC (side-mounted gravity feed) (shown above)


All of these HVLP guns are pressure-assisted, ensuring consistent positive pressure while you’re spraying.

Whichever gun package you decide on, get an assortment of air cap sets suitable for the coatings you plan to spray. The G-XPC comes standard with a 1.4mm set, which is a good “jack of all trades” setup.

If you like to spray clear finishes and want a fine finish appropriate for furniture builders and luthiers, consider switching to a 1.0mm (3H) air cap set for optimal results.

GXPC Spray Gun spraying a top coat on a project

With a 1.0mm air cap set, clear lacquer sprays at a nice pace, without blasting out excessive material. Most projects only require 2 coats with this setup, a significant improvement over the 5+ coats often needed with hand-applied finishes.

Remember, safety is crucial when spraying:

always wear a respirator with approved cartridges for organic vapors and work in a well-ventilated area.

In Conclusion
A line up of the Semi-PRO 2, Mini-Mite 3, and the Q5 PLATINUM

Your choice between the Semi-PRO 2™ and Mini-Mite 3™ depends on your specific needs.

If portability is a top priority, the Semi-PRO 2™ or Mini-Mite turbine is the way to go. However, if you plan to spray paint and thick coatings regularly, the Mini-Mite 3™ is your best bet.

Or, if portability is less of a concern, consider the Q5 PLATINUM™, with noise-reducing technology and variable speed output.

To learn more, find your nearest distributor here.


Willie Sandry is a Freelance Writer for several woodworking magazines, professional tool tester, and spraying enthusiast. Find his latest projects and reviews on his YouTube channel at The Thoughtful Woodworker!

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