G-XPC MODEL9600 G-XPC Gravity Spray Gun

9600 G-XPC Gravity Spray Gun


Key Features:

  • 1.4mm air cap set installed
  • 400cc Aluminum Cup Assembly
  • Swivel N’ Set™ cup feature – allows the user to spray at any angle easily
  • Side-mounted gravity spray gun
  • Non-Bleed spray gun leads to less blowing around of shop dust and negligible turbulence in the spray area
  • Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control – Adjustable incremental fan pattern with three orientations: horizontal, vertical, circle
  • Stay Cool Handle™ nylon-coated handle always stays and provides a comfortable grip
  • Rotating nipple assembly – makes for easy adjustment of the pressure tube, especially for those who are left-handed
  • 9600-G-XPC spray gun optional nylon cups available in 3oz, 400cc, and 600cc


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