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Paint Strainer #9044-5

This inexpensive nylon strainer fits at the end of the metal fluid pick up tube on bottom feed spray guns.

Durable and long-lasting, it can be soaked in thinner to clean.

Available in packs of 5

Cup Parts Kit #2098

The kit includes the wearable parts that you should always have on hand.

Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 2024
  • 3 x 2096
  • 3 x 2097
  • 3 x 9055

All the parts shown in the kit can be ordered separately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own a gravity cup, refer to one of the following gravity cup parts kits:
For the aluminum 600cc gravity cup, please order part # 2060 (600cc/1000cc gravity cup parts kit)
For the 400cc gravity cup, please order part # 2030 (400cc gravity cup parts kit).
If you own a 1Qt. bottom feed cup assembly purchased pre-September 2019 with a straight nipple on the lid, please order the #2039 cup parts kit.

Pressure Tube/Check

Valves #2024-5

These pressure tubes and check valves can be used with any Fuji Spray® 1 Qt cup spray gun and are available in packs of 5.

These tubes also fit older Fuji Spray® spray guns. If clogged, the check valve cannot be taken apart, but they can be soaked in thinner for up to 30 minutes to free any blockage.

PLEASE NOTE: For the gravity cup, refer to 2024L-5 pressure tube-long.

5 Cup Gaskets #2036-5

The diaphragm 2038 must be used with these gaskets. Available in packs of 5.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own a gravity cup, refer to one of the following gravity gaskets: – For the aluminum 600cc gravity cup, please order part # 9720-5 (600cc/1000cc gravity cup gaskets) – For the 400cc gravity cup, please order part # 9050-5 (400cc gravity cup gaskets)

Please Note: Nylon cups do not require gaskets.

Plastic Diaphragms #2038

Tough and durable, the bottom feed diaphragms can last months, even years if care is taken when sliding them down the metal pickup tube.

To remove them from the cup, grab the tab. The air hole in the diaphragm should be positioned at the rear of the cup, towards the handle, unless you intend to spray upwards for any length of time. For spraying upwards, position the hole in the diaphragm towards the front of the spray gun.

The idea is to keep the hole out of the finish as much as possible. These diaphragms, in combination with the pressure tube/check valve, cure the problem of finish entering the air passage.

DIY-PRO Series & previous models Mini-Mite Turbine Filter #4009-2

The turbine filters fit the Semi-PRO 2™, Hobby-PRO 2™, and previous Mini-Mite™ Model turbines. – Dual filtration – Quick change filters – Fine filters on the left-hand side (as seen when looking at front of the case), coarse filter on the right-hand side

PLEASE NOTE: These Filters will not fit the Super Model or Q Model, or Platinum Models.

Filters for Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Only #7224-2

These turbine filters fit the Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Turbines only and are available in a 2-pack. – They have the shape of a semi-circle, rather than a square. – Dual filtration – Quick change filters – High capacity open-pore technology filters dust and particles while maintaining excellent airflow

PLEASE NOTE: For the previous model square-shaped Mini-Mite filters, please see above part #4009-2.

Q-Turbine Filter #5029

This turbine filter fits all Q-Series™ turbines. – Reticulated Polyurethane foam filter – Quick change friction fit – Porous material offering amazing breathability – Designed for optimal air ventilation, while trapping dust particles within the cell structure.

PLEASE NOTE: The turbine does not have to be taken apart to remove or replace the filter. This filter is a friction fit and can be replaced in seconds.

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