Which Turbine Spray Gun is for me?

If you’ve recently made the jump to turbine-based spray systems, or are considering an upgrade, you may have questions about which HVLP spray gun to pair with your new system.

There are several options available, and they vary depending on where the fluid cup is located on the gun. Some are bottom feed and some are gravity feed. The best spray guns have a pressure assist hose, that ensures uninterrupted spraying at a variety of angles.

The M-Model HVLP spray gun is a Jack of all trades because it’s available in multiple configurations. With the fluid coupler on the bottom of the gun, the M-Model often comes with a large 1QT bottom feed cup. However, it’s also available with a compact 400cc metal gravity feed cup.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun Side View

No matter what version of the M-Model you select, it will include a pressure assist tube for trouble-free spraying. That’s a key feature, as it turns out because you’ll maintain good fluid flow in any common spraying position.

The M-Model has a traditional rear-mounted fluid output control (silver knob), and fan adjustment knob (blue knob).

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun Front View

The M-Model comes with a 1.3mm air cap set installed, but additional needle/nozzle sizes are available separately.

Generally for spraying thinner, clear finishes, a 1.0mm or 1.3mm air cap set works best. For thicker paints and finishes, select a larger air cap set.

When the 400cc metal cup is installed, the M-Model is transformed into a side-mounted gravity-feed gun, similar to the G-XPC. The combination of a smaller fluid cup, and the lower side-mounted position results in a more nimble paint sprayer that can easily access confined spaces. Need to spray inside cabinets or case pieces?  No problem with the M-Model and 400cc gravity feed cup.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun Cup Close up

It’s obvious at first glance that the metal fluid cup and lid on the M-Model are built with quality in mind.

As you use this cup for day-to-day spraying in the shop, you’ll appreciate it even more. The contoured metal lid makes a secure connection to the cup with just a quarter-turn. Many woodworkers have had spray guns they couldn’t count on. From leaky lids to rusty components, spray equipment failure is one of the most frustrating around. Luckily, the 400cc cup on the M-Model will inspire confidence each and every time you use it.

To top it off, there’s a convenient red quick-release collar. Just retract the red collar to depressurize the gun after spraying.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Bottom Feed Spray Gun on a table

Often included with the Semi-PRO 2 and Hobby-PRO 2 turbine spray systems, the M-Model is commonly equipped with a 1QT bottom feed cup. This extra fluid capacity will make a difference in your work, especially if you have large-scale projects on the horizon. A large metal lever lock makes it easy to remove the cup, once it finally needs to be refilled.

All M-Model spray guns also feature a chemical-resistant grip that’s ergonomic and easy on the hands.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Bottom Feed Spray Gun handle close up

The M-Model strikes a great balance between performance and value when paired with the right turbine system.

Regardless of the cup style you prefer, the rear control knobs are easy to identify at a glance. The lower silver knob adjusts fluid output, while the upper blue knob adjusts the fan pattern from a wide to a small circular shape. A wide fan pattern is ideal for large parts and panels, while a round pattern might be a good choice for spindles.

Remember to adjust your fan pattern and fluid control knob in tandem.

Often, you’ll want to decrease fluid output when using a small fan pattern to avoid any drips or runs. To do so, turn the silver knob clockwise to decrease fluid output.

Air caps on a table

The M-Model gun offers a variety of air cap sets, available separately.

Choose from a very fine 0.8mm for spraying very thin fluids like stains and dyes, to 1.0mm or 1.3mm sets for general clear finishes and topcoats.  A 1.5mm set handles thicker polyurethanes or pigmented lacquers, while the largest 1.8mm to 2.0mm air caps are ideal for thick paints and coatings.

T-Model Bottom and Gravity Feed Spray Gun on a Table with a Q5 system.

The T-Model Spray gun offers versatility through its bottom feed and gravity feed options. The T70 spray gun, designed with a bottom feed style, is great for larger projects as it uses a standard 1QT cup, compared to the 600cc cup of a gravity feed gun. Additionally, the T70 spray gun can be conveniently placed on a workbench between uses.

Like the T70G bottom feed gun, the nimble T75G model is also equipped with pressure assist. This is a great feature that ensures all of the material is sprayed, down to the last drop, even if the angle of the gun changes. The T75G comes with a 600cc cup, making it an excellent choice for medium-sized projects.

The T-Model Series offers a wide range of air caps, ranging from 0.8mm to 2.5mm.

Air caps on a table

The G-XPC is a unique HVLP spray gun with a side-mounted 400cc metal cup. Unlike the M-model’s U-tube to convert to a gravity feed gun, the G-XPC has a “swivel and set” cup fitting that allows you to reposition the cup as needed for odd spraying angles.

The G-XPC also features a side-mounted blue fan control knob, for fan pattern adjustments at your fingertips. The G-XPC color-coded aircap sets are unique from other spray guns, and are available in 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, and 2.2mm sizes.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Gravity Feed Spray Gun laying on the table

Perhaps the coolest feature of the G-XPC spray gun is the foldable kickstand, allowing you to set the gun down anywhere as you work.  Most gravity feed guns would tip over, and require a special stand.

The G-XPC pairs perfectly with the Mini-Mite 3 turbine unit, but works great with any Fuji turbine spray system as a spare gun.

Fuji Spray 7002 M-Model Gravity Feed & Bottom Feed Spray Gun

Comparing common HVLP models for appearance and relative size is helpful to narrow down the field.

The M-Model in gravity feed and bottom feed configurations are shown on the left. On the right is the flagship T70 bottom feed gun, and at the top is the T75G gravity feed version of the fabled T-Series gun.  At the front and center is the compact and versatile G-XPC.



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